The Process​

Dewhirst Construction will take you through the building process step by step. Our focus is on making each build as simple and stress free as possible for clients, offering expert advice and assistance so you can make the best decisions to suit your unique needs.​

Our thorough process is as follows:​

1. Understanding Your Vision 

Talk to us about your wish list, any ideas you have, and what matters to you in a home. Our experienced team will help you make your dreams reality while guiding you through what will best suit your budget and timeframe. We’ll visit the site, discuss your options, and simply listen to what you want most from your new home.

2. Sorting Out A Plan 

Bring us your plan ideas, or you can choose from one of our excellent designs and add your own personal touches. We are happy to modify our tried and tested designs to suit your vision, and once we understand your requirements we can begin the process of developing a site plan.

3. Finalising Specifications 

Working closely with you, we can now refine and finalise your decisions. Your exact specifications and needs will be worked into the final design, making sure every detail from fittings to construction materials and colour schemes meet your expectations. Once we have all the information, we will create and present the design along with a comprehensive list of materials and products required.

4. Contract

After confirming your satisfaction with the design, an agreement describing your new home in detail with selected specifications will be drawn up for you to sign.

5. Application For Consent

Let us take care of the entire consenting process. We work closely with building authorities and councils on a daily basis and have a great deal of experience with the house building consent process. We cover all areas of this proceeding to prepare full consent documents, submitting them on your behalf.  

6. Consent Approval

Once consent is granted, we will meet with you and introduce your dedicated project manager. We will outline a construction timeline so you can organise the rest of your life accordingly.

7. Construction

Now that everything has been approved, it’s time to begin building. Strict quality controls will be in effect throughout the construction process to ensure the best possible outcomes for each stage of development.

8. Complying With The Code

A final inspection with your local council will be conducted as soon as construction is completed. A Code Of Compliance is then issued, giving you the assurance that work has been carried out to appropriate standards.

9. Time To Move In! 

It’s time to meet up and hand over the keys to your brand new home! We meet you onsite with warranty documentation. We won’t leave it at that either - if there are any issues after completion we’ll be back to fix them up for you.​